Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME Support Group

Our History

Our founder, Connie Dailey, started this group in 1994, and served in some compassion until her death in 2012. In that time she touched hundreds of lives. Connie started the group so she and others would not have to suffer in loneliness. In 2008 Teresa Emerick took over leadership with Connie as back up. The  goal has always been the same...

  • Provide emotional support
  • Offer friendship
  • Give understanding

...to anyone who suffers from these "invisible illnesses".  DAILY PAIN has offered compassionate support to individuals of Frederick, Warren, Clark, and Shenandoah counties in Virginia; and of Berkeley, Jefferson, Morgan, and Hampshire counties in West Virginia for 20 years.

 In 2014 we celebrated our 20th year and a great change in time. With too much research for educated doctors to deny the validity of Fibromyalgia, many doctors are now better educating their patients as to all treatments available, including alternative treatments that help to reduce symptoms. There is no cure, and medications can only provide temporary relief for some of the many symptoms.

 With this new found education in place, the need for support groups is waning. It is with heavy heart that we announce that 2014 is the last year for DAILY PAIN support group meetings. Our last meeting will be held in December.

 However, we will still have an online following, and continue to share the latest in research findings as they are available. If you sign up through this website, we will add you to our email list. You can request to be removed at any time.

We also have a Facebook page titled, DAILY PAIN Support Group, that is open to the public so that anyone can ask questions or provide uplifting support. 

 Thank you to the hundreds that have passed through our doors and provided love and support, and to all who formed lifetime friendships of understanding and patience.