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Here are sites to learn more about Fibromyalgia and possible treatments. We recommend the Fibromyalgia Network if you are looking for updated research articles and useful suggestions on what can help you manage symptoms. Though this organization has just recently stopped their publications, their site is still full of important information for patients and their families.

http://www.fmnetnews.com/  ; "Fibromyalgia Network"



http://www.treatmentdiaries.com/ -  Is an online support group and diary where you can meet and talk with others or keep a private diary of symptoms and treatments.

Gulf War Syndrome

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One of our co-leaders is a veteran, and we welcome any veterans who have the symptoms of FM, CFS, or GWS. This illness is not limited to Gulf War Veterans, but since the government once labeled it as such, we went with that name. Here are two sites we found that give lots of information on Gulf War Syndrome. Many veterans are told they have CFS or FM, because the symptoms are so closely related. Daily Pain does not know if these illnesses are all related, but we wanted to include them in our group since we do share many of the same struggles.




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Dercums is an illness often accomanied by Fibromyalgia. It is a chronic pain illness, but much more. To learn more about this illness and what research is discovering, we recommend reading up on Dr. Herbst and her latest discoveries.


On the Dercums Forum, someone posted a link to a radio show that Dr. Herbst did in 2010. She is being interviewed by a woman who has DD - she does a lot of her own input too. The show is long so be sure you have time to listen to it. And get out paper and pen - there is so much information that it is mind boggeling!

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/yourmentalhealth/2008/07/11/dr - karen-l-herbst-phd-md-living-with-pain (once on this site, type in Dercums on the search button at the top)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

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The following are links to help you understand more about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. We recommend the CFIDS site for basics and if you are interested in what lobbying is being done on behalf of CFS patients.